Never allow the lack of traffic to your site compromise your earnings again! Learn to eliminate this thorny issue and start matching up to the Internet entrepreneurs whom you once held in high regards. I'm going to show you the way to get traffic like you've always dreamt of and even to the extent where the gurus would bow down in your presence and worship you.

Best part of it, the above mentioned just scratches the tip of the ice berg. There are so much more to my professional Twitter management software which I will gladly share as you read on.

So, What Is It That TwitterManagerPro Has Got To Offer?

TwitterManagerPro is a fully automated followers management tool for
Twitter users. Sweet isn't it?.

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Hi, my name is Al Garretson, the proud producer of TwitterManagerPro. As a user of Twitter myself since its launch, I've explored every nook and cranny of it and through the course of my time using Twitter, I learned that the majority of Twitter users and I dare say about 95% of them in fact aren't utilizing Twitter to its maximum potential.

So, How Do You Maximize The Potential Of Your Twitter Account?

So, I jumped aboard the bandwagon and started using Twitter just for the fun of it, giving real time live updates of my status to my followers, mainly my pals then. Notice the highlighted words “real time live updates” as these were the few words that marked the birth of my master stroke; TwitterManagerPro.

Like many other Internet entrepreneurs, I caught the Twitter wave bug and soon after, I too used it to market and drive traffic to my own business website. Before the advent of Twitter, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), article marketing and mass commenting on forum boards were the ways to build up traffic for your site. However with Twitter, the framework of generating traffic was revolutionized.

BUT, It Was Not Meant To Be.....

Here comes the important question. Yes Twitter got us the traffic. But, are these traffic being converted to sales? It didn't take us long before we realized too that Twitter wasn't as powerful and effective as we all perceived. It wasn't getting us the traffic we DESIRED and clamoured for.
Twitter Can't Be That Bad, Can It?!

Don't get me wrong here, Twitter is a excellent tool not only for generating traffic. It also helps greatly in building your own personal profile, creating your own brand, social networking, getting instant access to your favourite celebs' news and scandals but you could also use it to sell stuff!

What I'm trying to say here is that if you're thinking about getting the traffic that you desire, the one that consists of not only a sizeable amount but also high quality targeted ones; you would have to literally spend almost the entire day sourcing out potential targets to follow. The worse part, Twitter has a set Follow-Following ratio and a lag period. So to a great deal of time is lost in this transition while waiting for the people you're following to return the kind gesture. And this again shows that in order for you to minimize or eliminate this time lag/loss, you've got to stand by Twitter 24/7 which isn't exactly a very logical thing to do.

But hey, each set of problems has its' own set of solutions. But there isn't a set in this case. There is one solution to solve this particular issue and this is it.

Introducing TwitterManagerPro, Automate Your Twitter Promotions & Marketing...

Definitely Over Delivered!

With TwitterManagerPro, I've enjoyed astounding success, generating not only massive traffic to my site but well targeted ones as well which greatly increased my sales conversion rate. 5 stars!
Alex Kar

But, there are so many other software’s out there that can do the same. Why yours?

You'll understand why as you read on. Not only is TwitterManagerPro fully automated once you've tweaked it's setting to suit your preferences, but it is also extremely easy to use and comes with a whole lot more of other exciting and useful features which other software LACK! Carry on reading to find out what these features are!

What Differentiates TwitterManagerPro From Those Mere Mortal Software?

Spam Control

TwitterManagerPro keeps track of Twitter APIs, Follow-Following ration and has a delay mechanism that ensures that Twitter rules are kept in check and not violated. Following process AUTOMATICALLY stops when a Follower-Following ratio as defined by Twitter is reached and the delay ensures that the follow process is not overly-aggressive. So, TwitterManagerPro ensures that there is NO chance of account suspension and APIs will be used within Twitter's limits. (You wouldn't want all your hard work to go down the drain with an account suspension using some phoney software, don't you?)

Mutiple Twitter Account Support

TwitterManagerPro has a PROXY SUPPORT so it can be used for multiple accounts. Using proxies, each Twitter account would seem “unique” and appears to be operating from different computers and locations so there is no risk of SPAM and the API calls limit is increased this way.

P.S: I'll reveal more juicy features of TwitterManagerPro along the way. Keep reading, it's worth it.

TwitterManagerPro Works Like A Charm!

This software works like a charm and success came within a week of utilizing TwitterManagerPro. Traffic to my site was doubled overnight and I'm still overwhelmed by the power of such software.
Kelly Jones

Alright I Get The Part About Traffic,

Hopefully, you're starting to get impressed by the prowess of TwitterManagerPro, if not read on because I'm sure you will. You see besides this high quality and high volume traffic that you might want to gather, we're talking about taking advantage and maximizing the capabilities of Twitter. Yes traffic is important. BUT, think about it. You might get all the traffic in the world being a whizz in Search Engine Optimization but would you rather trust a Twitter user with a hundred followers or one with thousands of followers? The answer is pretty obvious isn't it. I can see that you're getting the drift of TwitterManagerPro now. But Let me break it down further for you....

With the use of Twitter and maximizing its capabilities with TwitterManagerPro, you'll actually get to enjoy cult-like status! You'll start being able to build YOUR OWN personal brand and highly infectious profiling.

That's not it... with the thousands followers you can get with the help of TwitterManagerPro, you're going to get the backing of the THOUSANDS of people and the best part, their retweets. This would be seen by the followers of your thousands of followers which simply equates to one thing. More followers and widespread namesake for you!

Enough! Tell Me How I Can Get A Few Thousand Followers. NOW!

So how do I get more twitter followers with this? Alright enough teasing, here you go. I'm proud to proclaim that TwitterManagerPro is equipped with:

Automatic Follow:
(Free version is limited to following up to 20 people at a time)
TwitterManagerPro AUTOMATICALLY follows a large number of Twitter users daily and automatically follows Followers of your Followers and their followers. (Take your time to take that in Haha.)
Follow New Followers:
TwitterManagerPro AUTOMICALLY follows your new followers who have recently followed you but you are not follwing them.
Unfollow Those Who Are Not Following:
TwitterManagerPro helps to filter people whom you are following. It then helps to unfollow those whom you have followed before a time period (24, 48 or 72 hours base on your own liking) but they have not followed you back. (Pay Back time! All Automatic! You don't have to be the bad guy!)
Targeted Follow:
One of the more important features of TwitterManagerPro helps you to follow Followers of a specific Twitter User. Just enter their name and it will save a Follower list. Once this list is created, you can select to follow their Followers. This gives you preferential following which gives you the edge when hunting down targeted followers, the high quality followers like I call it.

Hold On A Moment, I Want To Give You The Deal Of Your Life

So, like you've read, TwitterManagerPro indeeds live ups to its pride as the automated tool for all your Twitter promotions and marketing techniques. But. That is not it. Remember the magical 4 words “real time live updates” I was asking you to keep a head ups for? Alright here it is.

You see, what if only you could stay awake 24 hours a day constantly sending out tweets. You'll be as good as a walking advertisement perpetually plying your trade and “selling” your message/ideas. Hmmm if only this was possible. I'm really psyched to tell you that the answer to this is YES. With TwitterManagerPro, you can do exactly just that.

This way you would not fail to reach out to your hundreds of thousands of followers, constantly preaching and marketing your ideas, brand and profile and before you know it, you would have already DOMINATED YOUR NICHE.

Scheduled Tweets: (Available in the full version)
TwitterManagerPro introduces a Message Scheduler. Now you can simply schedule Tweets or Mentions for ANY specific TIME or DATE. TwitterManagerPro helps you to schedule your weekly or monthly Twitter activity within a couple of hours. (Call that taking a back seat for a month just after a few hours work!)
TwitterManagerPro helps you to manage your Mentions like #FollowFriday. Simply select the followers who you want to send the mentions and whenever you want to send mentions, just load the Followers saved and sending the mentions is just a single click away!
My Mentions:
Users of TwitterManagerPro would be able to see their Mentions on their desktop.

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Thanks Al!

Wow Al, I'm extremely satisfied with TwitterManagerPro and I'm still confused as to why you're still selling it at the amazingly cheap price. TwitterManagerPro duly delivers what it promises and it is very easy to use. A must buy for anyone looking to direct traffic to your site and build up a online brand and reputation.

Scott Bradly

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